About us

In the autumn of 2012 went Bengt-Ace and I to Germany to see the DTM finale. Bengt-Ace had Svenska Bilsportförbundets Travel Grant and I got the opportunity to go with him.

In Germany, we got time to talk about things that we do not so often talked about at home.

The idea to create the largest database for racing results emerged and we made the first sketches.


Kooperativet Arbetsmyran

When we got home, put the project accelerated. We started the social enterprise Kooperativet Arbetsmyran and four long-term unemployed girls helped us to fill the site with results.


The launch of svenskracing.se

In June 2013 we launched svenskracing.se on Velodromloppet in Karlskoga. Was a big success! Both known and unknown drivers were impressed by our work.


Notification system

During the fall of 2013 we began to work on the development of a notification system for racing. We had a primitive system running for Racing NM in Norway, but it was old and ill. It was time to develop a new one.

We were on one of Racesam meetings and got to introduce ourselves and our solution. We received very positive feedback which helped us to start up the process of building a brand new notification system from scratch. We continued, somewhat erroneously, to use the name Timing System. On March 15 opened registration for the season 2014. Notification system is still under development and new features are added every week.


Events Support

January 2014, we initiated Events Support Sweden AB. The company now owns Svensk Racing.se, Timing System and Event Support entrance.

The season 2015 the notification system to get a new name. It will be called the Event Support Entré. Since we also have begun to look at ways to expand the system to multiple sports, we think that the notification system needs a neutral name. We hope to open registration for 2015 with at least four sports.