Server malfunction

We had a malfunction after upgrading to the latest version of the program language PHP earlier today. The error is now fixed and Entrance and Admin work normally.


Idag har vi haft en driftstörning i samband med uppdatering till senaste versionen av programspråket PHP. Felet är nu åtgärdat och Entré och Admin fungerar som vanligt igen.

Arbetet återupptaget

Äntligen har vi återupptagit arbetet med nya Timing System.

Under tiden vi arbetade med GDPR beslutade vi oss för att avveckla Timing System. Vi har ångrat oss och den nya versionen börjar att växa fram. Nästa tävling i Bengtsfors hoppas vi att kunna testa Timing System 5 under tävling. Då kommer funktioner för startlista och tider vara klara att användas.

Har ni önskemål på funktioner som ni saknar? Tveka inte att ta kontakt med oss.

// Mikael


On 25 May, a new data protection regulation (GDPR) will begin in the EU.
You can read more about GDPR and how we protect your personal data in Entré menu.

We have today sent an email describing our work to protect your personal information. We do not usually send out mail to drivers. However, according to GDPR, we are obliged to inform you.

We have updated Entré with new features that enable our GDPR obligations.

Now you can view and update the information we have saved about you. You can also unsubscribe if you no longer race.

Keep in mind that unregistering can not be undone. As soon as you unsubscribe, all data will be deleted and you will no longer be able to log in. If you regret, you need to create a new account.

List for depot planning

There is now a list to print for depot planning. It is complete with the information needed for the planning of depot surfaces. This saving means that you do not need to create a custom list in Excel. The list is under “print” in Admin.

View digital Carbook/HTP

Now it’s easy to see which Carbooks / HTPs are available as well as view them.

You can find these under Vehicle / View Carbook-HTP in the menu inside Admin.

Digital Carbook/HTP

Everybody who competes in RHK’s competitions will be asked to upload the first page of your HTP in Entré. This makes administration easier for inspection / secretariat / competition management.

Those who have competed in a RHK contest or have an active registration for an upcoming competition will receive information in the Entré on how to upload your HTP.

During the Mantorp competition, Bengt-Åce Gustavsson will help and scan HTP:s.

// Mikael Blom

Financial report

Now there is an economic report under print. It consists of a report with completed sums from the check-in module. It shows totals and balance.

Soon, default accounts will be replaced by your own accounts.

As before, there is a list in the competition and MS Excel export in the export menu.

Choose heat

Sometimes it happens that the same car is used by several drivers. For example, driver 1 drives heat 1 and driver 2 heat 2. Upon notification, the driver can choose which heat to run. But in Admin, you have not been able to change this afterwards. Now it is possible. You will find the function under Registration / Change registration. The function is available for permission Secretariat or Administrator.