Bug in select class

Previously, guest class Seven has not been shown under SPVM. It is now fixed.

New Timing System is delayed

This fall, we assumed that a new version of Timing System is under production. It’s Admin that gets brand new interface and works in tablets to facilitate your work at the competitions.

Now we have decided to scrap the old platform and build version 5 from scratch.

For you this means that when we transfer your club in version 5, you will no longer be able to add new competitions in version 4. The reason is that we have built the system that all competition data are linked to the competition date. Something that was not a problem with a club. But as the number of customers constantly increases, we have to take a receipt because today you can NOT have more than one race the same day! Should the date be taken, you can use an adjacent day today. But it creates confusion for the contestants. So far, this has not happened but it’s just a matter of time.

We move over all contestants and vehicles to version 5 so you will not need to add any new information associated with the move.

These are some of the news that comes in version 5:

  • New design
  • Full support for tabletops
  • Faster and easier navigation
  • Several clubs can arrange the same day
  • Improved time input
  • More options
  • Stable server with 99.99% uptime
  • Most functions will be used from the “big brother” Eventsupport Entré used for racing.

Building a whole new system from scratch takes time and therefore we will not release version 5 in the spring as planned. We will make sure that the new version will be tested at a few clubs this fall and for all at the turn of the year.

Do you have any tips on new features or want a sneak peak on the new system so just contact us!

// Mikael Blom, Eventsupport Sweden AB

Much downtime

Unfortunately, we now experience that Timing System has too much downtime. Over the last month, the server has been unavailable for more than 8 hours, which is way too much.

We are in dialogue with our server provider to move to another server.

Note: This does not affect Eventupport Entré and Svensk Racing that is located on a stable server with slight downtime.

We hope this is resolved shortly.

Nytt SSL Certifikat

I natt har ett nytt SSL certifikat installerats. Detta gör att data skickas krypterat mellan din dator och svenskracing.se.

Det gamla certifikatet kunde anses vara osäkert i vissa webbläsare. Med det nya ska inte detta längre vara ett problem.

Driftstörning på disksystemet

Servern www.svenskracing.se har under kvällen haft en driftstörning. Detta resulterade i att resultatlistor inte kunde genereras. Servern går i ordinarie drift sedan 19-tiden.

Sök förare

Om man söker på en förare som endast resulterar i en träff visas nu förarprofilen istället för sökresultaten.


I morgon 2016-11-03 01.00-06.00 kommer Eventsupport Entré och Svenskracing.se att vara otillgängliga pga uppdatering av serverns kernel. Uppdateringen beräknas att ta 5-10 minuter men vår serverleverantör vet inte när under servicefönstret som arbetet påbörjas.

Vi ber om ursäkt att detta kom med så kort varsel.

Update vehichledata

Now it’s easy to change all the vehicle information directly in Admin. To do this, search for a vehicle under “Vehicles” in the menu or directly from “Change notification” under “Registration” in the menu.

New is that all fields can now be changed. Such as the transponder number, cart, etc.

DNF and Cancellation


You can now set the drivers who checked in as DNF and drivers who have not been checked in can be cancelled to the race in Admin.

Two weeks after the competition is no longer drivers to cancel drivers.

Video explaining how the new function works will be available in Admin shortly.